Once our able craftsmen install the fireplaces in your home, you will need accessories such as wood holders, fireplace screen, fireplace tools, and an economy grate. Anvil Accessories, in partnership with cobble Stone Embers, works hard to ensure that you get the best fireplaces accessories at affordable prices.

Cobble Stone Embers stocks multiple designs of these accessories to ensure that you get the one that suits your style. If you feel that the available designs are not good enough, we understand. We will order a customized design that will perfectly match with the design of your home.

Your fireplaces no longer appeal to you? We have you sorted!

Cobble Stone Embers has a team of professional craftsmen who will help in the restoration of your fireplace. You will be amazed at how the once dull and unattractive fireplace will glow and capture the attention of every person who will come to your home. We will take pride in your joy as you behold the transformation of your fireplaces, just like we always do with all our customers.

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