Travis Industries is a US-based fireplaces company that specializes in the manufacture of wood stove,
pellet stove, and gas stove. The beautifully designed fireplaces are made in diverse models and this
means you will get to choose the one that perfectly suits your home’s design.
Some of the most popular Travis Fireplaces models we stock at Cobble Stone Embers include Radiant
Plus Large Gas Insert, AGP Pellet Insert, Berkshire, Evergreen, Cape Cod, 44 Elite, 4415 ST, 864 HO,
DaVinci Custom Linear Fire Places, and Tempest Torch. All the fireplaces have been designed in a way
that they will be a source of pride in the family that will own them and with the help of our highly
trained craftsmen; we assure you that the fireplaces installed will be a source of pride and prestige to
the family.

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