Once our able craftsmen install the fireplaces in your home, you will need accessories such as wood holders, fireplace screen, fireplace tools, and an economy grate. Anvil Accessories, in partnership with cobble Stone Embers, works hard to ensure that you get the best fireplaces accessories at affordable prices. Cobble Stone Embers stocks multiple designs of these accessories to ensure that you get the one that suits your style. If you

Do you desire to come home to a cozy and warm atmosphere? Dimplex Fireplaces has the solutions that will suit every home. Whether you need electric fires that will be quick and easy to install, wood-burning stoves or the gas fire that are a preferred choice of many, you can always find them at Cobble Stone Embers. You can be assured that with over 70 years of experience, Dimplex has

Travis Industries is a US-based fireplaces company that specializes in the manufacture of wood stove, pellet stove, and gas stove. The beautifully designed fireplaces are made in diverse models and this means you will get to choose the one that perfectly suits your home’s design. Some of the most popular Travis Fireplaces models we stock at Cobble Stone Embers include Radiant Plus Large Gas Insert, AGP Pellet Insert, Berkshire, Evergreen,


Nov 2018

Real Fyre

You want beautifully made fireplaces? Think Real Fyre fireplaces which are designed to give varying frame effects. Your choice will depend on the style of your fire and this will either be vented or contemporary. Real Fyre has been in business for over 65 years and when our professional craftsmen install the fireplaces made by this company in your home, you can be assured of enjoying intense beauty even without

The fireplaces made by Continental Fireplaces are of the best quality and you are assured of enjoying instant ambiance whenever there is a need. There is a wide range of fireplaces made by the company and you will make your choice based on your budget, your style, and the purpose for which you are buying the fireplaces. Whether you want gas fireplaces, gas stove, gas insert, wood burning stove, or